Croissants – One of my first baking experiences..

I’m not sure why I started with croissants, as they’re super difficult to make. Well.. not difficult, but time consuming. This was my first attempt:

And it turned out fabulous! It took me 14 hours to make it though. I started the preferment at 7am (which is a mixture to ferment a little to add more flavor) and ended my baking at midnight. There’s a lot of fridge time, rolling out the dough, put it in the fridge, rolling again, fridge again..and so on. And I actually screwed up the end, you’re supposed let them rise slowly before baking (about 3 hours) in a cool place, but I wasn’t thinking and rose them like I do bread, in a warm place. The butter melted right out of them so they were standing in buttery ooze.. They rose triple their size and I baked them anyways. They were awesome and reminded me of bakery type croissants. Though with the butter melted at the end, they were pretty greasy.
I haven’t had time to try again but I made some other croissants from another recipe that only took 4 hours!

But they actually turned out pretty terrible. They were really chewy and didn’t rise very well.

I probably can’t give you the recipe (copyright and all) but I recommend spending the time making good croissants than fast tracking.

So when making croissants, make sure you have lots of time,  a big counter space for rolling (at least 32 inches by 12) and plenty of butter!

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2 Responses to Croissants – One of my first baking experiences..

  1. Nicole says:

    Wow, those first try croissant look deeeelicious! (drool) I’m totally gonna have to try them.
    The second try ones… well, not very croissanty looking to be honest 😛 I guess short cuts don’t work for everything. For many good recipes it seems, time is key.

  2. RJB says:

    The first ones look awesome! Hubby is so excited to try these. Good job!

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