Random Breads!

Here are some of my first random breads I’ve made. I didn’t know I was going to blog about this.. so I didn’t really take too many pics. In the future, there will be bigger and better pictures!

Tomato Cheese Bread

It was OK. You could taste the tomato slightly..but it sure was bright orange!

Cinnamon Bread

This turned out pretty good. Lay the dough flat, lather on the butter and cinnamon sugar and then roll it up. It’s really good toasted because the butter starts to melt a little from the inside. Also good as french toast!

Irish Soda Bread

Tried making this for St. Patrick’s Day. It never turned out.. It looks good from the outside, but could never quite bake all the way to the centre and would stay raw.. I even left it an extra  20 minutes in the oven. Had to give it to my friend’s chickens. Sigh.

First Brown Bread

Crust was pretty good! I’m still trying to make a crunchier, crustier bread though.. I guess that’s my ultimate goal. The crust was OK thickness but not that crunchy.


This is an awesome meal to make. Bake it in lots of olive oil and it’s so soft and salty from the toppings..mmm.. I put some olives, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and Asiago cheese on top.

Well those are some random breads. Now I think I’ll start documenting more of my baking for better pics and information!

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