Pita is pretty amazing. I never knew how it worked, how does get hollow in the middle..?

I got this recipe from a book..so I won’t put the instructions up but it’s a pretty simple recipe.

Basically it’s the same way of making bread, double it once, punch it down.. then you cut it into 8 pieces. Shape them into balls, let them rest. Roll them out, let rest again.

Bake in the oven, couple minutes on the top rack then a couple on the bottom. It starts to puff up in the oven right away.

I read somewhere it puffs up from the heat, the oven is set at 500 to bake these so it reacts with the yeast and springs! Most breads have their last rise in the oven called the oven spring, the last step the yeast does before it dies.

So making Pita is pretty fast and very yummy. It’s a lot nicer than store bought too cause you can control the ingredients!



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