English Muffins!

English muffins are pretty easy to make. Once again I don’t have my own recipe, but I will show you some pictures! English muffins taste so much better when made fresh, though I’ve heard they start to taste like store bought in about a day so I froze mine.

I like making them because it’s easy and neat to watch them puff up! You start like any other bread, and once it’s doubled and punched down, roll out the dough and start cutting english muffins out of it (I just use a glass)! The excess dough you can reuse; form it back up into a ball and let it rest for at least 5 min.

Set them in a pan covered in cornmeal and let them double. I made some like this before, but I left the pan out too long and then put them in the fridge for the next morning.. they didn’t puff up at all when I cooked them. So try to do them right away!

After doubled, heat up a pan on the stove top to about medium-high (the cornmeal burns easily) and butter up the pan. Once hot, carefully place english muffin in pan (you don’t want to deflate it), then see it rise! Turn over gently (I get two utensils out to flip them slowly) and cook other side. These english muffins are just from a normal recipe, I tried making some sourdough muffins which turned out really good and they puffed up twice as much as these.. unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of it. Next time!


They should be golden brown, I like them a little darker.. about 5 min each side. Cool on rack. And all ready for breakfast!

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2 Responses to English Muffins!

  1. RJB says:

    Have you tried these with a cast iron pan? A says that they work pretty well in there. We have yet to try….

    • tsaint says:

      I have not! I don’t actually own a cast iron pan, but in the future.. I hope I will! That would probably make the heat more even then the pan I had. I found I had it to half way (5) on my stove top and it burned like crazy, 4 was good though.

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