So thanks everyone for reading my bread blog and showing an interest in the awesomeness of bread! I went to the site and typed in the number of comments for the giveaway. There were 15. Some comments were on other posts and I’m not sure if I was too clear on posting on my specific anniversary post so I counted everyone who participated in posting.. if that makes sense.

Here’s the first “screen shot” I took with my camera as I couldn’t figure out how to do it on my Mac.

Laura, you are the Winner! You win the book I used to make my first breads, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. I hope you make some wonderful bread!

And then I decided to have a runner up.


Matt, you won the runner up prize! It’s a copper mold. I like to make brioche in these little molds, they turn out looking fancy..


I’ll email the winners and if I don’t hear a response in a couple of days, new winners will be selected.

Thanks for posting! Please continue reading, there’s lots more bread experiments to behold! And maybe more giveaways in the future! (Sorry I can’t get away from these exclamation points.. I’m excited).

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